AMN-Misting ApS

Misting made easy with nozzles of the future

All-in-one nozzles from AMN-Misting are installed completely without fittings and without prior and detailed planning which makes the assembly work significantly cheaper and more flexible.

The nozzle coupling is VERY robust and tested with a test pressure of at least 210 bar (operating pressure max 70 bar).

All nozzles from AMN-Misting contain anti-drip valve and nozzle tips in brass or stainless as desired. Powerful O-rings and Anti-drip valve in high quality EPDM rubber. All AMN Misting nozzles have a built in cleanable impeller and the nozzles are also available with integrated filter.

Nozzle hole sizes available from 0.15 to 0.4 mm. An all-in-one integrated solution that is MUCH cheaper and easier to handle than other available solutions.

With the help of a simple drilling tool, a 3 mm hole is drilled in the pipe and the nozzle can be mounted very simply in the right position and angle to avoid the water mist will hit beams, ceilings, or the like with dripping damage as a result.

AMN-Misting is stock-bearing and able to quickly deliver all the necessary pieces needed for the complete module solution for your project.


Save time and money

You can save a lot of time and money using the genious products from AMN-Misting ApS

Minimal investment

AMN-Misting ApS have all products in warehouse, so huge capital tie is needless

Efficient installment

Use of products and tools are so simple that you don’t need special training to use them



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