Safe Misting® controllers

The term and name SAFE Misting® covers the new form of control for cooling and humidification of the future, where the ON time is fixed in the optimal time for spraying before the moisture reaches the floor / interior and the OFF time is variable.


AMP 42

Controller “just” for the pump

AMP 43 & 44

Controller for stand alone pump

and decentralized single section

AMP 45

Decentralized controller for multiple sections

Safe Misting® software integrated with display is a total new generation of controllers making a revolution in functionality and simplicity for normal users.

  • Integrated fixed ON time and various OFF time minimize the need of fans etc. These systems can run directly without wetting the floor.
  • Integrated tandem solution (AMP 45) enables the same pump to handle up to the double number of nozzles.
  • A daily user will have a simple interface of only 3 simple menus to adjust.

With a Safe Misting® controller, you have 3 main systems for total control.

  1. ON/OFF integrated timer for “simple” manual control.

When AMP 46 humidity sensor is added:

  1. Full temperature control with humidity overview.
  2. Full Humidity control with temperature overview.

+ a lot of special programs (46 different set-points) integrated in the system like:

  • Dust manual
  • Dust automatic
  • Drain automatic
  • Disinfection – special cycles
  • Various temperature settings – morning/evening
  • Integrated different timers
  • Integrated real time clock and info about operating hours of pump/section
  • + many other indispensable functionality programs.

Bleed-off valve for separate sections – no drips from the nozzles

A signal from your climate computer to this box will enable it handle a 230 V solenoid valve, bleed-off valve and signal to the pump from multiple sections.

Can also be operated from a smartphone if wanted.

AMP 47 (new)
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