Implement Your Solution with the Best Pipes and Fittings for Misting

AMN-Misting provides you with a wide range of pipes and fittings that are designed and manufactured for you to be able to provide the best misting solutions for your clients. Our product range consists of stainless steel (AISI 316) and polymer pipes in 12mm. And of course, we have made the best fittings, presses, couplings, bushings, transitions, ball valves, etc., to provide you with all the elements you might need for your client’s setup. Couple it with our easy-to-use tools, and you are ready to assemble and mount in no time.

Discover our full range of pipes and fittings in our product catalogue. If you have any questions or are interested in a quote, then contact us right away for a dialogue about your needs.

AMN 304 Press equal Tee 12 mm A4

Strong Accessories Makes Your Misting Setup Perform

The best All-in-One Nozzles from AMN-Misting deservers the best accessory parts. That is why we design our own pipes and fittings. Several of our designs are patented and we provide you with a complete high-quality program for all your needs.

Our misting expertise means we know what is required of the pipes and fittings. And that is also why we have been able to create a system that is made for mounting. Every part is optimized so it is easy, fast, and secure to fit and mount. Some of our unique features:

  • Working pressure 60 bar +/- 10 bar.
  • Test pressure min. 210 bar.
  • SS 12 mm main pipe (AISI 316).
  • 12 mm polymer pipe.
  • Press fittings – easy mount.
  • Cutting ring fittings – a strong supplement.
  • Pipe hanger – pipe clicked into place and can be locked.
  • High quality customized ball valves with stainless steel handles.

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