The design protected V-belt driven AMP pump series is a modular construction solution where the same basic elements are used in “infinitely” many different combinations and with maximum focus on service and customer friendliness.

  • The basic program is with a 1200 liters pump and IE3 motor, either 2,2 or 4 kW.
  • V-belt drive, where we provide a 10-year warranty.
  • Capacity between 400 & 1200 liters/hour with the same standard pump.
  • Simple and easy service access.
  • Minimum capacity down to 0 liter/hour, with temperature control.
  • Only quality parts used, like stainless steel, glycerin filled manometers etc.
  • All pumps tested in your specific combination before delivery.
  • When ordering basic stock items, shipment is ready for dispatch within 1 week.
  • All pumps are delivered in a strong recyclable wooden pallet box (80×60 cm)

In need of custom-made combination?
We can adjust everything to your exact request, e.g.

  • Different controllers
  • Bigger and smaller pumps
  • Direct driven pumps
  • Frequency controlled pumps
  • Different levels of security systems
  • Start/stop by your smart phone.
  • Floor mounted bracket system instead of wall system


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