General considerations:
The recommandation is to use as big a nozzle tip as possible. Normally a bit cheaper and are less likely to clog.

If the nozzles are integrated inside the airflow, like a fan, wall air inlet etc., you should calculate with 5,5 to 10 l/h nozzles. (Larger nozzle tip)
But if you need to mist without airflow, calculate with 2,5 to 4 l/h nozzle tips and if possible Safe Misting® system with fixed ON and various OFF-time. (Small nozzle tip)

With a ON-time of max 50 % you should use the unique tandem system.

Learn much more about moisture absorption. Open this link and download the file.


Closed buildings with forced air ventilation:
You need to calculate between 2,5 and 5 grams of water per m³ of air flowing through the building – depending on where in the world you need the installation.


For greenhouses and all-over misting:
Rule of thumb  is to calculate 1 nozzles per 8-10 m² of floor,
Something like 2 meters in width and 4-5 meters in length – depending on height, humidity, temperature etc.
In general use 3 to 4 l/h nozzle tip if you want to avoid wet floor and interior.



For cows and open buildings or outside:
When calculating the dimension of a system like this, you can not calculate from the airflow (m³).
You need to look closely at the placement of nozzles instead and what you want to achive with the mist.


Industrial buildings:
When a controlled humidity is needed inside industrial buildings a few nozzles are generally placed around the building in strategically correct positions. Placed where water mist spray does not bother anyone or anything.
SAFE Misting® is superb here. With a fixed ON time and variable OFF time.
The basic dimensioning is based on the amount of air that is replaced and removed from the building. It is highly recommended to install a minimum of double capacity, to let the system run only at max. 50 % of the pumps maximum capacity and the mist will be well distributed in the room.


There are many different opportunities in using products from AMN Misting to disinfect residental areas, open areas, shops, vehicles and so on.
Safe Misting® has also build in menues to help effect and implement this, but always check local legislation and make sure the chemicals are non corredent.


Fire protection:
Dimensioned in collaboration with the local fire authorities.



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