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AMN’s patented nozzle and pipe fastening system eliminates the expensive assembly of pipes and fittings and also unintended turning of pipes and nozzles is eliminated. Secure assembly can be done quickly and without problems by non-trained personnel.

AMN pipe system can be assembled by using secure press sleeve assembly of thin walled and self-supporting stainless steel or plastic pipes, large and complex systems can be built up with very few components.

AMN has a wide range of pantented products which you can see below.

AMN2 Nozzle coupling

Patent no. BR 2013 00022

With AMN2 nozzle coupling, it is now possible to attach the nozzles directly onto both 12 mm SS tubes and 12 mm plastic tubes. There is no need to imprint pipes with complicated pliers or such. With a very simple plastic tool with drill bushing, 3 mm holes can be drilled in the tube, exactly where you prefer.

AMN4 Nozzle coupling

Patent No. BR 2013 00022
Design registration DR 2020 00104

This nozzle has no integrated filter and fits all Ø12 mm pipes. Same simple mounting shape as AMN2 nozzle coupling, and thus the same patented mounting shape.

AMN pipe hanger

Patent no. BR 2013 00027
Design registration DR 2012 00012

The most genius patented pipe clamp is now available.

Mount the clamp to horizontal or vertical background.
Click pipe into place
Place and adjust nozzle couplings
Secure the lock on top and you are done…
You are now ready to mount the nozzles.

AMN steel ring

Patent no. BR 2013 00023

Press-sleeves have become a simple, inexpensive and reliable process. A new feature is to place a simple steel ring inside the press sleeve to get a harder squeeze and a more secure joint directly on plastic pipes. This is an innovative solution that significantly increases flexibility and will make your installation more competitive.

AMN Press tong

Patent no. BR 2012 00028
Design registration DR 2012 00012

The new manual press tong has been designed to use only 1/4 of the force that previously has been required for sleeve mounting on pipe systems. Perfect tool for self-assembling in remote areas. In many cases this tong can replace an expensive electro mechanical forceps.

AMN2 – Drilling tools

Design registration no. DR 2020 00105

Drilling tool for 3 mm drill. Fits all Ø12 mm pipes. Both metal and polymer materials.
By bending the “guideline” as needed, the spray angle on the nozzles is determined in a very simple way.
The simplest way to get the best possible placement of the nozzles throughout your pipeline.

AMN Bending tool

Design registration DR 2012 00012

Specially designed for bending thin-walled stainless steel 12 mm pipes.

Safe Misting®

Safe Misting® is protected by law under the number BR202100261

Specially designed for better environment for livestock and people with a perspective of a greener world


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