Technical information

Easy and safe installation

AMN’s patented nozzle and pipe fastening system eliminates the expensive assembly of pipes and fittings and also unintended turning of pipes and nozzles is eliminated. Secure assembly can be done quickly and without problems by non-trained personnel.

AMN pipe system can be assembled by using secure press sleeve assembly of thin walled and self-supporting stainless steel or plastic pipes, large and complex systems can be built up with very few components.

AMN has a wide range of patented products.

AMN5 Ceramic Nozzle

Patent no. BR 2022 00015

The patented nozzle tip is curved in such a way that gravity and the electric voltage from a water drip pull the water drop itself away from the center hole. When a possible water drop dries up, limescale and other minerals in the water will not be deposited as much on the center hole.

AMN2 Nozzle coupling

Patent no. BR 2013 00022

With AMN2 nozzle coupling, it is now possible to attach the nozzles directly onto both 12 mm SS tubes and 12 mm plastic tubes. There is no need to imprint pipes with complicated pliers or such. With a very simple plastic tool with drill bushing, 3 mm holes can be drilled in the tube, exactly where you prefer.

AMN pipe hanger

Patent no. BR 2013 00027
Design registration DR 2012 00012

The smartest patented pipe clamp is now available.

Mount the clamp to horizontal or vertical background.
Click pipe into place
Place and adjust nozzle couplings
Secure the lock on top and you are done…
You are now ready to mount the nozzles.

We recommend a space of 1.5 meter between the pipe hangers !

AMN steel ring

Patent no. BR 2013 00023

Press-sleeves have become a simple, inexpensive and reliable process. A new feature is to place a simple steel ring inside the press sleeve to get a harder squeeze and a more secure joint directly on plastic pipes. This is an innovative solution that significantly increases flexibility and will make your installation more competitive.

AMN Press tong

Patent no. BR 2012 00028
Design registration DR 2012 00012

The new manual press tong has been designed to use only 1/4 of the force that previously has been required for sleeve mounting on pipe systems. Perfect tool for self-assembling in remote areas. In many cases this tong can replace an expensive electro mechanical forceps.

AMN2 – Drilling tools

Design registration no. DR 2020 00105

Drilling tool for 3 mm drill. Fits all Ø12 mm pipes. Both metal and polymer materials.
By bending the “guideline” as needed, the spray angle on the nozzles is determined in a very simple way.
The simplest way to get the best possible placement of the nozzles throughout your pipeline.

AMN Bending tool

Design registration DR 2012 00012

Specially designed for bending thin-walled stainless steel 12 mm pipes.

Safe Misting®

Safe Misting® is protected by law under the number VR202100261

Specially designed for better environment for livestock and people with a perspective of a greener world

Find the Right Dimension of a High Pressure System

General considerations:
The recommendation is to use as big a nozzle tip as possible. Normally a bit cheaper and are less likely to clog.

If the nozzles are integrated inside the airflow, like a fan, wall air inlet etc., you should calculate with 6.0 to 8.5 l/h nozzles. (Larger nozzle tip)
But if you need to mist without airflow, calculate with 2.3 to 4 l/h nozzle tips and if possible Safe Misting® system with fixed ON and various OFF-time. (Small nozzle tip)

With a ON-time of max 50 % you should use the unique tandem system.

Learn much more about moisture absorption. Open this link and download the file.


Closed buildings with forced air ventilation:
You need to calculate between 2.5 and 5 grams of water per m³ of air flowing through the building – depending on where in the world you need the installation.


For greenhouses and all-over misting:
Rule of thumb  is to calculate 1 nozzles per 8-10 m² of floor,
Something like 2 meters in width and 4-5 meters in length – depending on height, humidity, temperature etc.
In general use 3 to 4 l/h nozzle tip if you want to avoid wet floor and interior.



For cows and open buildings or outside:
When calculating the dimension of a system like this, you cannot calculate from the airflow (m³).
You need to look closely at the placement of nozzles instead and what you want to achieve with the mist.


Industrial buildings:
When a controlled humidity is needed inside industrial buildings a few nozzles are generally placed around the building in strategically correct positions. Placed where water mist spray does not bother anyone or anything.
SAFE Misting® is superb here. With a fixed ON time and variable OFF time.
The basic dimensioning is based on the amount of air that is replaced and removed from the building. It is highly recommended to install a minimum of double capacity, to let the system run only at max. 50 % of the needed capacity in the room (more as double pcs. of nozzle) and the mist will be well distributed in the room.


There are many different opportunities in using products from AMN Misting to disinfect residental areas, open areas, shops, vehicles and so on.
Safe Misting® has also build in menus to help effect and implement this, but always check local legislation and make sure the chemicals are non-corrodent.


Fire protection:
Dimensioned in collaboration with the local fire authorities.


Test and quality

AMN Misting ApS tests all products to at least 3 times the recommended maximum operating pressure level of 70 bar / 1015 psi and performs continuous random checks to ensure stable quality.

All our products are made in high quality with the best materials suitable for the task and material qualities are generally stated together with the product’s general documentation in the product overview etc.
If special documentation is needed for material, quality etc. this can be provided with a statutory declaration.

AMN-Misting ApS supplies components for finished plants and for the same reason does NOT supply CE plant documents.
If there is a special request for CE documentation for single parts, please ask for a special service.

Our products are developed for longevity without changes in function and material selection. Should a change become necessary, our customers will be informed well in advance of a change being implemented and we will ensure delivery of the “old” parts, including minimum spare parts, for 5 years after phasing out.

All our products are produced and procured specifically for AMN.

Origin of goods:  Denmark

Delivery code:  Toll Tarif Code / HS / C.C.C.CODE: 84369100 (Cooling/humidity parts)

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