Test and quality

AMN Misting ApS tests all products to at least 3 times the recommended maximum operating pressure level of 70 bar / 1015 psi and performs continuous random checks to ensure stable quality.

All our products are made in high quality with the best materials suitable for the task and material qualities are generally stated together with the product’s general documentation in the product overview etc.
If special documentation is needed for material, quality etc. this can be provided with a statutory declaration.

AMN-Misting ApS supplies components for finished plants and for the same reason does NOT supply CE plant documents.
If there is a special request for CE documentation for single parts, please ask for a special service.

Our products are developed for longevity without changes in function and material selection. Should a change become necessary, our customers will be informed well in advance of a change being implemented and we will ensure delivery of the “old” parts, including minimum spare parts, for 5 years after phasing out.

All our products are produced and procured specifically for AMN.

Origin of gods:  Denmark

Delivery code:  Toll Tarif Code / HS / C.C.C.CODE: 84369100 (Cooling/humidity parts)


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