Why misting is such a great idea !

With just a few elements, the AMN Misting system can be expanded indefinitely and for all conceivable tasks and solutions where water is required to be atomized for cooling, humidification or dust reduction etc.

High pressure humidification and cooling are to a large extent part of the future opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions and in every way save energy resources and increase well-being for both livestock and personel and production in general.
Many systems are NOT dimensioned for the highest summer temperatures and therefore loses great effect when maximum cooling capacity is most needed.

Cooling between 5 to 10°C saves a LOT of ventilation capacity both in reduced set-up costs and in reduced energy consumption during operation. (smaller ventilation capacity needed)

Reducing the incoming air by 5 to 10°C in front of cooling surfaces for milk coolers, air-conditioning systems, server rooms, cooling surfaces for coolers and freezers in supermarkets and much more, can save significant amounts in system investment and operation.


Production in agriculture, horticulture and industry can be significantly improved

In agriculture, the mortality of animals can be significantly reduced in the summer heat and it becomes much easier to control the behaviour and feeding periods.

Production in agriculture and horticulture can be significantly improved due to more correct temperature, humidity and indoor climate in general.

Dust and odour reduction is often a positive side benefit of high-pressure humidification systems and is often used with great success for dust reduction in various waste management and dusty production in general.
Soaking the barn section before subsequent cleaning is a very effective side benefit of the systems.
Disinfection of building sections, especially in agriculture, is a clear side benefit of the facilities.

In the electronic, textile, printing, wood and paper production control of the humidity level is a necessity for the production.
A fact that also applies to fruit and food storage and production where a correct humidity is required, including in vegetable departments in supermarkets etc. Proper humidity significantly prolongs the storage time of vegetables and is thus a significant factor in reducing waste and emission of CO2.

If you install outdoor patios or pool-areas where temperature can be a problem you can help customers reduce temperature and increase the relative humidity with installing a high pressure system. This will add customers a reliable and dependable solution. And at the same time it gives a very cool visual effect to have high pressure mist surrounding in the area.



Something that is really up to date is how to reduce the risk of being infected by airborne viruses.
This applies not only to Corona, but also something like the flu and many others.

A atomized mist coming out of high-pressure nozzles is capable of capturing some of these viruses and dragging them down.

If the atomized mist is combined with certain chemicals, then the mist can be used for a very pleasant disinfection of residental areas and gathering points, where viruses otherwise would spread freely.
Our Safe Misting® controllers also have programs built-in for just this function.


Fire fighting

A fine mist with water is the ideal form of fire fighting with minimum use of water and very little water damage as a result.

Combined with an emergency power system (which you may already have) and a water tank, you will not get better or cheaper fire fighting.



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