The Perfect All-In-One Misting Nozzles For High Pressure Cooling

Our all-in-one nozzles are designed, manufactured, and assembled with great precision to provide you with the highest quality in every single batch. Our all-in-one nozzles are available in 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, and 0.4 mm.

The all-in-one nozzles from AMN-Misting always comes with integrated PE filter, easy cleanable impeller, and with anti-drip valve. This combination of things is unique in the market and will prolong the lifetime and flawless useability of each all-in-one nozzle.
All batches of the AMN-Misting nozzles have been tested to withstand three times the maximum recommended operating pressure for high pressure cooling. Tested at min. 210 bar (3045 psi).

The all-in-one nozzles are easily mounted directly on all kind of 12 mm pipes with our patented mounting solution. Installment is incredibly simple as well as the tools required (which we also provide).
No need for additional fittings for mounting of the all-in-one nozzles. It comes as a complete unit which allows you the perfect placement each time and saves you the time and cost of mounting additional fittings.

Using the simple AMN-Misting modular system for pipelines gives you many positive side effects.
It is both easy, fast and secure to use either the press fittings or the cutting ring fittings, which is modified to a perfect fit on all 12 mm pipes.
The simple pipe mounting eliminates the most troublesome and expensive issues with pre-planning and logistics of readymade pipes where fitters often see a large margin of errors on pipelines and nozzle placement.

  1. Mount the pipe.
  2. Plug and play the pump.
  3. Flush through and test for any leakage.
  4. Mount the all-in-one nozzles with the simple and unique drilling tool.
  5. Ready for high pressure cooling and humidifying

Are you unsure if our nozzles for high pressure cooling fit your needs? Check out our catalogue and feel free to contact us with any question. AMN-Misting are ready to become your preferred misting and nozzle supplier.

AMN Misting ApS Nozzles

Simple Installation Process

Simple Installation Process

AMN-Misting all-in-one nozzles are unique in many ways, but our simple installation process is unmatched:

  1. Mount the pipeline
  2. Flush the entire pipeline to let check for leakes and test the flow and pressure.
  3. Mount the nozzles in the right angle away from beams, ceiling, lamps and other interior with the help of our unique and simple drilling tool.

Our Selection of All-In-One High Pressure Cooling Nozzles


Main materials
Stainless steel AISI 316 (A4) and a few details AISI 304 (A2).
Special hi-pressure resistant polymer
Nickel plated bronze/brass

Nozzle mounting tools
AMN2 = 15 mm spanner wrench

AMN2 all in one nozzles
Integrated with filter and recommended if using normal tap water.

Recommended max. operating pressure
Industrial applications        :        > 1000 hours/year @ max. 50 bar (725 psi)
Agriculture applications     :        < 1000 hours/year @ max. 70 bar (1015 psi)
Hydraulic test pressure       :        210 bar (3045 psi).

Capacity (bar) 

0.15 mm, 50 bar = 2.5 l/h H2O
0.15 mm, 70 bar = 3.0 l/h H2O
0.2 mm, 50 bar = 3.5 l/h H2O
0.2 mm, 70 bar = 4.0 l/h H2O
0.3 mm, 50 bar = 5.5 l/h H2O
0.3 mm, 70 bar = 6.5 l/h H2O
0.4 mm, 50 bar = 8.5 l/h H2O
0.4 mm, 70 bar = 10 l/h H2O

Capacity (psi)

0.15 mm, 725 psi = 0,66 GPH H2O
0.15 mm, 1015 psi = 0,79 GPH H2O
0.2 mm, 725 psi = 0,92 GPH H2O
0.2 mm, 1015 psi = 1,06 GPH H2O
0.3 mm, 725 psi = 1,45 GPH H2O
0.3 mm, 1015 psi = 1,72 GPH H2O
0.4 mm, 725 psi = 2,25 GPH H2O
0.4 mm, 1015 psi = 2,64 GPH H2O

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